Everytime I am on stage, I pledge to ‘work harder to show a more developed image!’. During our debut stage, I got nervous thinking ‘we are finally going on stage’. But even now, I didn’t forget that feeling of nervousness during our debut and perform like it’s our first.

Happy Birthday Gongchan ♡

"Walk your own road. Don’t expect everyone else to do the same…it’ll only crowd your path, right?"
Happy Birthday Tablo

Being mature means you know a lot more things. Right now, I like being twenty five or six years old than twenty. Of course, I could be thinking that because I’m still young. But something I’m certain of, is that it’s prettiest and best when you do things at the proper age. I’m able to make a bigger change now because I was able to show a lot of an image, like an innocent appearance, at a suitable age.

Happy Birthday Yoona ♡

I debuted when I was twenty-years old, it made me think, ‘So I’ve been giving up on my youth in doing so’ and ‘From now on I have to enjoy myself more’ was a resolution I wanted to keep, but it made me sad because I knew there was no way I could keep it. However, since I know that in order to achieve my goals and do what I want to do, I have no other choice [but that to give up on some things] I will be alright. Because I know that it’s impossible to have everything in life.

Happy Birthday Gayoon ♡

Hug Me Once @ Guerilla Concert in Myeongdong (130626)