In order to learn how to be human so she can go to a club party, she went to go see a WASHED UP MERMAID UNNI!!!

"Gon’s fighting for his life…Where are you, and what are you doing? Why won’t you answer your phone, Kurapika?"

"But then, when I get the occasional human customer, right here, my pulse races. It’s hard to explain, but it’s…enjoyable.”

the man of your dreams (°ロ°)☝

chanshik tends to keep problems to himself and try to solve them on his own, but 92line reached out to and aided him in overcoming his fear of heights by diving with him.

"If you question your job… If you start feeling that something is amiss, be careful. Once you do, you might fall into the same pitfall I fell into."

bias/era: victoria/electric shock3 for hyonai


Minah on Star Gazing

During Girl’s Day’s debut year, Minah did everything she was asked by MCs to keep Girl’s Day from getting cut out of variety shows. She was known and still even is known as an annoying try-hard, putting her pride aside in order to gain interest in Girl’s Day. You don’t have to love her aegyo or her voice, but please respect that Minah has worked incredibly for herself and for her members. She is truly a gem in the kpop industry.

Leave it to Yura to reveal her members